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My Name is Angelina Croft and I have been a tantric healer for more that 3 years.

I was a prodije of the marvelous Jahnet Delight and found the philosopy and teachings of tantric massage, and it's benefits on everyday life, a pleasure to learn, realising I had a natural ability, and enjoying every moment spent practising on very willing applicants.

Once I began my own journey by opening my own private studio, I developed a personal and well suiting, very soft and very gentle, non-oil tantric massage tecnique. Which is quite unique, I have been told. 

My learning continues everyday as I accept visitors into my space, to care for them and aid them with situations that trouble them in their lives or, just give them a wonderful and truly satisfying pampering. 

Tantric World

It is an ancient system of spirituality and recently, more commonly a way of life. For those who feel passionate about it, can truly enjoy, appreciate and blossom within it!

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  • The "Horny Mountain" is a phrase used to describe the progression towards and then away from the orgasm. A journey of crests and troughs if...
Ask Angelina
Angelina's Clients

My first visit to Angelina was an amazing and life-changing experience. I knew nothing about Tantra, then, and had the luck to find her by working through websites.

Richard Haywood

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