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The prostate is a male accessory sex gland, which means it plays a helpful role in the ejaculatory/breeding function.

It produces the sufficient fluid volume to carry semen and sperm from the urethra, (in the male) to the ovaries, or at least get the sperm a good start on their way. It also produces testosterone which is a male pleasure hormone. This gland secretes fluid and hormones as a man heads toward orgasm started by a message sent from the brain. 

When stimulating the gland, you are with the power of touch persuading the secreting of hormones and Fluid.

I have, in the past seen such stimulation bring on an orgasm by itself. It is not for everyone however, and extra time must be allowed within a session due to the delicate area.

To find out how tantric massage London can help you please call me on 07928 730520 or contact me online and I'll call you back when it's convenient to you.

I also provide the following Tantric Massage London services: Foreplay techniques, Full Body Massage, Pleasure Training, Premature Ejaculation, The Horny Mountain, Female Massage and Couples Massage.

Tantric World

It is an ancient system of spirituality and recently, more commonly a way of life. For those who feel passionate about it, can truly enjoy, appreciate and blossom within it!

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  • What is the horny Mountain?
  • The "Horny Mountain" is a phrase used to describe the progression towards and then away from the orgasm. A journey of crests and troughs if...
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I have tried various Tantric goddesses here and in Norway, but Angelina is the best I have ever been to.


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