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By receiving the Tantric Massage, you will be showed that is in fact ok to solely accept pleasure instead of feeling like you are part of an interactive courtship dance of intimacy.

For some people, receiving only, can be quite difficult but I will show you that it can be very rewarding to leave yourself in an other persons capable hands. In turn, setting yourself free from the desire to "Think and Do" and leaving yourself in a state of mind to simply "Relax and Feel".

To find out how tantric massage and pleasure training can help you please call me on 07928 730520 or contact me online and I'll call you back when it's convenient to you.

I also provide the following Tantric Massage London services: Foreplay techniques, Full Body Massage, Premature Ejaculation, The Horny Mountain, Prostate Massage, Female Massage and Couples Massage.

Tantric World

It is an ancient system of spirituality and recently, more commonly a way of life. For those who feel passionate about it, can truly enjoy, appreciate and blossom within it!

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Ask Angelina
  • What is the horny Mountain?
  • The "Horny Mountain" is a phrase used to describe the progression towards and then away from the orgasm. A journey of crests and troughs if...
Ask Angelina
Angelina's Clients

My first visit to Angelina was an amazing and life-changing experience. I knew nothing about Tantra, then, and had the luck to find her by working through websites.

Richard Haywood

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