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In today's society a woman's role in life can range hugely between career woman and home maker, but still the media exposes us to the nature of sex and sexuality.

Programs like "Sex in the city" have become all too common and a women now desire the slice of sexual cake that was originally for men: the ability to be self confident about ones own sexuality and "what does it for us" .

I find more woman interested in taking time for themselves to make themselves feel satisfied sexually, to answer questions regarding pleasure and orgasms.

A woman's skin is half as thick as a man and so the gentle touch IS far more stimulating. If the session is started with a bath, the skin is even more sensitive. 

The session is started with a nice talk also, perhaps a glass of wine or a cup of tea. I find this helps my guest to relax a little more on my table and open her mind further, letting go of the pressures of the day and entrusting herself to my hands so that I may look after her. 

For those who are interested and comfortable, the external or internal yoni massage is available. This is a very gentle massage of the genitals. 

To find out how female tantric massage can help you please call me on 07928 730520 or contact me online and I'll call you back when it's convenient to you.

I also provide the following Tantric Massage London services: Foreplay techniques, Full Body Massage, Pleasure Training, Premature Ejaculation, The Horny Mountain, Prostate Massage and Couples Massage.

Tantric World

It is an ancient system of spirituality and recently, more commonly a way of life. For those who feel passionate about it, can truly enjoy, appreciate and blossom within it!

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Ask Angelina
  • What does the Full body massage include?
  • This is more like a form of body worship, after a small amount of relaxation breathing, you will be asked to lie on a bed...
Ask Angelina
Angelina's Clients

Angelina is truly gorgeous and made me feel immediately welcome in her studio. (I was a little nervous as I have never done anything like this before)


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